Meet the Maker Series | Jen Fox, Makerologist of Robots

How and why did you get involved with Makerologist?

To build awesome projects with awesome folks, expand the reach/capability of my company, and build a community of makers.


How does your work with Makerologist impact your life? It's wonderful collaborating and sharing ideas/opportunities with other talented and unique makers! It keeps me on track with my business goals and gives me access to people, knowledge, and tools to which I wouldn't otherwise have. The Makerologist team ensures that I share my strengths with like-minded, passionate folks, and that I have assistance and guidance in areas where I need help. In short, Makerologist is like a puzzle piece of makers, tinkerers, and engineers who join their unique skills and passions to create something bigger and more beautiful than the individual parts could do alone.

Honoring those who came before us: When was a moment when someone impacted you and made a difference, or got you into what you do now?

Steve Davee has been incredibly helpful and encouraging in my development as a maker educator -- he has been supportive in various work endeavors I had prior to founding my company and has a contagious enthusiasm that helps remind me why I'm doing this work. The second pivotal person was Michael Schutzler, who encouraged me to focus on women and girls and helped push me to narrow and believe in my company's mission.

Thinking about specific scenarios/events: When was a moment when you realized you were making an impact? (An aha moment)

When my 9-year old homeschool student excitedly explained what the parts on a PCB were -- even though she couldn't remember the names, she knew exactly what they did and why there were there.

When you look ahead, what is your vision for your work and the community(ies) you work with?

Regular project-based learning workshops taught by a crew of specially trained maker educators, educational science kits that reach folks, specifically women and girls, who wouldn't otherwise be interested or confident in STEM subjects, and project collaborations with artists and other creatives to bring beauty, inspiration, and human connection to our communities.

When you see me at Seattle Mini Maker Faire, as me about;

  • STEM Education

  • Girls in tech

  • How to get started in IoT

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Passion Project


Our mission is to educate and empower women and girls in Science-Technology-Engineering-Mathematics (“STEM”) fields through project-based learning and design thinking.

We believe that education is the key to a successful, equitable, and progressive society. The more we know, the more problems we can solve and the better we can solve them! Our goal is to teach our students critical thinking and problem-solving skills alongside practical, career-ready skills in STEM fields.

We promote and advocate for: equal protection and education for all persons; environmental conservation and protection; and reduction of consumption and waste.

Our current and past clients include SparkFun Industries, the Living Computers: Museum & Labs, the Pacific Science Center, and NCCE.