How and why did you get involved with Makerologist? Before becoming a creative technology agency, Makerologist originally started as a collaborative blog with myself and Micah. We had so many ideas in our heads and in various notebooks but realized it would be challenge to complete them all. We wanted to share them not only for our own records, but in hopes that other makers would find inspiration in them and follow suit; or even better, turn those ideas into fruition. Happy to say, this is what happened.

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How does your work with Makerologist impact your life? In ways I never would have ever expected. I have been fortunate to work with some of the most talented innovators in the industry. Our first project together as "Makerologist" was the StrangerIOThings Wall. With that project alone, we made an appearance at the Intel booth at Portland Mini Maker Faire, we were invited to showcase the project at MoPOP Museum multiple times, and we received our first magazine publication as a team on MAKE Magazine. With our other projects, we have exhibited at the Maker Faire Bay Area and Seattle Mini Maker Faires. We also have upcoming installations coming up in local Seattle businesses which go hand in hand with our desire to contribute to the community in innovative ways.

Honoring those who came before us: When was a moment when someone impacted you and made a difference, or got you into what you do now? When I was a junior in high school, there was a beautiful couple, Kafi and Macheo Payne, who were educators that encouraged me to join the City of Oakland Youth Advisory Council. I was extremely shy and kept to myself. My day was already full. Work early morning, school, then went home to take care of two baby brothers. I had all the excuses in the world to not join this council but they encouraged me to make time and see the value in being active in the community. I didn't know it then but my experience with the council was the foundation of my leadership and community building skills that enabled Makerologist to be what it is currently and what it will become.

Thinking about specific scenarios/events: When was a moment when you realized you were making an impact? At Maker Faire Bay Area, we exhibited a project called "Jumbo Circuit Block City". This project was to help kids as young as 5 years old learn how to build a basic electrical circuit. There was a 3 year old that came by initially intrigued by the building blocks. I showed him and his parents that they needed to connect the lines to "complete the circuit" to trigger the fog machine using the flash cards we designed. When the 3 year old put on the last block to complete the circuit and the fog machine turned on cooling his face, the look of joy was contagious. That wasn't the best part. He took the block off and saw that the fog machine turned off. He proceeded to turn the fog machine on and off by lifting the last block on and off. It was then when I saw he understood it only worked once the circuit was complete. Later that day, Massimo Banzini, the founder and creator of Arduino, stopped by our booth and later commented that those blocks were similar to a toy that introduced him to electrical engineering when he was a child. I thought, holy crap, that 3 year old might be the next Massimo Banzini.

When you look ahead, what is your vision for your work and the community(ies) you work with? My response to this is ever evolving. I grew up in an underprivileged neighborhood in Oakland, Ca where there were little to no resources on STEAM education so I'd like to see resources be more accessible. I want the people's mindsets to go from "Where can I buy this?" to "How can I make this?".

With my previous experience in both corporate world and grassroots community, I want to use my skills to bridge the gap between the two. Show ways that they can benefit from each other.

At the highest level, my vision for my future work is the Makerologist Creed:

"We make big things small, small things big, closed things open, local things global, and global things local."

When you see me at Seattle Mini Maker Faire, ask me about;

  • How to get an installation for your business or organization

  • How to get a STEM workshop / event at your school or business

  • Laser cutting / 3D printing

  • Building communities

  • Industrial design

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Passion Project: CSD Concepts - Custom laser cut and 3D printing.