Meet the Maker Series | Krunal Desai, Makerologist of ElectrICAL ENGINEERING

How and why did you get involved with Makerologist? The Stranger Things IoT Wall -- Clarissa told me about it, and it seemed like a fun thing to build. As an engineer, I'm used to planning out entire projects in various phases, etc. The wall was a fun way to just "build" something, without specifications, phases and the usual engineering rigmarole.


How does your work with Makerologist impact your life? With Makerologist, I've gotten the chance to have projects I've worked on get a lot of eyes / attention on them, and share our work with the world.

Honoring those who came before us: When was a moment when someone impacted you and made a difference, or got you into what you do now? I think I mostly pursued electrical and computer engineering from growing up having more computers / robots than friends, and spending a lot of time on the Internet learning how things worked. My parents helped encourage and support me in the course of doing that.

Thinking about specific scenarios/events: When was a moment when you realized you were making an impact? (An aha moment) Not necessarily an impact, but seeing kids on a summer day getting very excited about typing in messages and seeing a giant wall blink them out was quite rewarding. In general, seeing people realize that they too could make projects like this was rewarding to see.

When you look ahead, what is your vision for your work and the community(ies) you work with? I would like to build installations / do work that serves as interactive art in public places, using modern technology to help comment on the happenings in our world.

When you see me at Seattle Mini Maker Faire, ask me about;

  • Electrical engineering
  • Space Industry
  • DnD
  • Corgis
  • Star Wars