Makerologist is a maker agency that bridges the gap between companies and communities through creative technology experiences.

We are a collective of educators, designers, engineers, artists, and writers who have come together under a shared vision of creating a maker ecosystem. With our resources and skillsets combined, we create project based learning experiences through hardware kits, workshops, events, and public installations. Our team represents a diverse set of backgrounds and interests. This allows us to provide a unique and valuable perspective to our clients and communities.

We take ordinary ideas and add modern elements of IoT to highlight your business or organization or a specific product that you want to promote. Our work has proven to increase customer awareness and sales.

The team is comprised of tech and education industry professionals who are passionate about using technology to positively influence the way we live. The Makerologist team brings a combined 20 years of electrical engineering experience, 12 years of STEM education, and 25 years of industrial design.

Most notably, they made their debut on MAKE Magazine with their StrangerIOThings project.

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